If you’re searching for something to fill the emptiness in your heart or something to believe in you’re not alone. Our hearts, our minds and our doors are always open to you.
All people regardless of race, ethnicity, economic status, national origin or sexual orientation are welcome to join us at Amelon, receive Holy Communion, be Baptized and become members. We eagerly look forward to seeing you.

The United Methodist Church is a place where both Roman Catholics and Southern Baptists can feel comfortable. We may profess the Apostle’s Creed on the same Sunday that we have an altar call. United Methodists have the ability to bring liturgical, revival, and contemporary traditions together in celebration of God’s work through the Universal Church.

We invite you to join our congregation this Sunday (or for any other event) to see what the word of God, the love of Jesus and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit has created within the Amelon community.

If you choose, you may either identify yourself as a guest to an usher or fill out the guest form in the Sunday Bulletin.



  What Others are Saying

“Amelon United Methodist is a church of LOVE, HOPE, Service and ACTION. FAITH is very much alive and well. Upon learning that my daughter and I were homeless, the congregation did not forget to share with us. They gave us food from their pantry. They paid our motel bill until we moved into our new home. We love you all and will never forget your kindness and generosity. We are making all effort to “get back on our feet”. We will pass it on! Many Thanks Amelon!” – Deonne Anderson

 “As a new member of Amelon UMC (October 2009) I have relished the warmth and love from the Amelon church community. I participated in a small study group and recently joined a Sunday School group. I really look forward to Sunday mornings at Amelon.” – Dan Lynch