Our Story

Mead Rock is part of the United Methodist Story, this rock is Rev. Stith Mead’s “PRAYING ROCK”.  Rev. Mead established the first Methodist Church in Lynchburg in 1804, The Third Street Meeting House.  He also helped establish Methodism in Augusta, Georgia.  Rev. Mead chiseled the words “hope, fast, pray to GOD,  Job 19” on the rock around 1806,  and is said to have received spiritual strength from it. The rock was originally located 1 mile east of Rt. 29 off of Wright Shop Road on a sloping hill.  It was relocated to Amelon by the men of Amelon Church, May of 1998.

Amelon United Methodist Church has a rich history that dates to 1865. 



In 1865  Madison Heights Methodist Church was formed and in 1879 Bayley’s Chapel began.

Amelon United Methodist Church came together when the above congregations decided to merge in 1993. Bayley’s Chapel and Madison Heights Methodist Church began the merge when Bayley’s Chapel sold its buildings and began meeting in the Madison Heights Methodist Church building. Construction of the current church began in 1994 and was completed in 1995.

Come and be a part of what God is creating through this blended congregation!

“To Make Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.”